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It will be held at the American Legion Hall in Fond du Lac

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“Seriously?” my wife asked. She had done her student teaching there cheap kanken cheap kanken, back when it was a beat up corner of old Cleveland. When we got there,

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“I made the point before the game to the lads that I remember being here in the north semi final three years ago against Beale and it was one of

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As I sip a cup of tea, a teenage boy and his mother are having a heart to heart at a table nearby. The boy, his ruffled hair covering his

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Honestly what the fuck is a college education worth if not training for a specific job? Do you really think it makes people more critical thinkers? I not totally convinced

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But he doesn’t have someone to take him like I do. Sigh Okay. Well. And yet no matter how many new movies and TV shows and toys and games and

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Omg I used to be ALL about frozen veggies, but they seem so expensive compared to fresh 🙁 I need to start getting into more veggie soups so I can

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Team needs to feel the confidence that the work they are putting in is going to pay off. Through the current losing streak, Leafs players have stuck to their guns