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economic impact of 2 commercial bowel catheter systems

This is a critical abstract of an economic evaluation that meets the criteria for inclusion on NHS EED. Each abstract contains a brief summary of the methods, the results and conclusions followed by a detailed critical assessment on the reliability of the study and the conclusions drawn.This study examined the clinical and economic impact of two indwelling canada goose outlet sale bowel catheter systems in hospitalised adults with faecal incontinence. The study was well presented, but had some methodological limitations canadian goose jacket that might have affected the validity of these conclusions.Type of economic canada goose outlet parka evaluationThis study examined the clinical and economic impact of two indwelling bowel catheter systems in hospitalised adults, with faecal incontinence.Catheter A canada goose clearance was a silicone catheter with goose outlet canada a collapse resistant annulus, a low pressure retention cuff, and collection bags. It was used for the diversion of faecal matter, to facilitate the collection of faecal matter, uk canada goose to provide access for colonic irrigation, and to administer enemas canada goose factory outlet or medications.Catheter B was a soft silicone catheter tube assembly, with syringe, and collection bags.Effectiveness data:The clinical evidence was from a multi canada goose outlet centre, open label, non randomised observational study of 146 patients, with 76 canada goose uk black friday receiving catheter A canada goose outlet in usa (mean age 61.1 years; 42.1% women) and 70 canada goose outlet black friday receiving catheter canada goose outlet toronto factory B (mean age 62.3 years; 37.1% women). Patients were canada goose factory sale followed up until they left the acute or critical care unit or canada goose outlet until 29 days had elapsed from the catheter insertion. Clinicians completed a questionnaire on the canada goose black friday sale ease of product insertion and other catheter characteristics. The endpoints Canada Goose online of the analysis included the key outcome, which was rate of unscheduled bedding and dressing changes. The key outcome was rate of unscheduled bedding and dressing changes.Cost data:The economic analysis included the nursing time for unscheduled bedding and dressing changes and the canada goose outlet shop cost of laundry services. The costs of the two devices were not included in the base canada goose outlet online case. canada goose jacket outlet The resource use data were derived from the sample of patients in the clinical study. The cost of nursing time was based on standard pay scales for intensive care unit personnel in the USA, while the laundry costs (processing, replacement, delivery, and stocking) were derived from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. All costs were in US dollars ($) and the price year was 2008.Catheter A was $13.94 cheaper per patient per day than catheter B. When the cost of the catheter was considered, the analysis showed that only if the catheter was used for less than two or three days, Canada Goose Online would there be a cost advantage of using catheter B instead of catheter A.The rate of bedding or dressing changes per day was 1.20 with catheter A and 1.71 with catheter B. This difference was statistically significant (p=0.004). There were two skin or soft tissue and four urinary tract infections with catheter A and six skin or soft tissue and one urinary tract infection with catheter B. This very low incidence of infection precluded the use of statistical tests.The proportions of clinicians who were very satisfied with the overall performance of the catheter were 84% with catheter A canada goose outlet and 80% with catheter B. A clear description of both catheters was given.

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